Who are we?

Equivalent part in Catalunya of the

Fundación Vínculos Estelí from Nicaragua

Association registered in the Register of Associations of the Generalitat de Catalunya with no. 51917

We propose...

  • To cooperate with the Fundación Vínculos Estelí from Nicaragua, accompanying the conception and specification of its educational or community projects, activities, services and resources, facilitating its development, as well as spreading it in Catalunya, Spain and the rest of Europe.
  • To promote/extend among Catalan society a fair conception of relationships between peoples, cooperation and exchanges with people/groups with different opportunities, criteria, origins or cultural background.
  • To generate contacts, common points and networks with educational, cultural and community exchange related to Nicaragua.
  • To seek, generate and manage resources to contribute to the development of the projects of the Fundación Vínculos Estelí.

We consider that...

The actions of the Association Som Vínculos Estelí must be based on joint activity and reciprocity. It must recognize, appreciate and promote the prominence of the Nicaraguan entity in decision-making and in the analysis of projects and activities started in Nicaragua.

Working together – considering and articulating contributions from both sides to build something common – gives an opportunity to know and appreciate who the other is and how it is. It promotes the development of cooperative attitudes, inviting to avoid feelings/attitudes of rejection, pity or protectionism towards those who have less favorable opportunities. It facilitates the establishment of mutual affections supported by fair relationships.

Cooperating is a joint path back and forth. Everyone wins!

Activities already done

  • 2013, exhibition/presentation of the Fundación Vínculos Estelí – Matas i Ramis Civic Center. Horta district of Barcelona.
  • 2013, toy making workshop, with children and families – La Nau Taller d'Arts Plàstiques and Centre Cívic Matas i Ramis. Horta district of Barcelona.
  • Since 2013, members of Som Vínculos Estelí and trainee students from Catalunya take part in the Feria de Juego of the Fundación Vínculos Estelí , in Nicaragua.
  • Since 2013, conception and construction of toys and other educational materials.
  • Since 2013, management of external collaborations: volunteering; internships in Nicaragua or in Catalunya ; professional support through courses and workshops; donation of books, toys and other educational materials.
  • Between 2013 and 2018 –in cooperation with the Fundación Vínculos Estelí – joint work with the team of the Centro de Desarrollo Infantil (CDI) Solidaridad from Camoapa (Nicaragua) in educational innovation projects with children and families.
  • 2014, participation in the First Book Fair in the Horta district of Barcelona.
  • From 2014 to 2018 participation in the Feria de Juego Camoapa (Nicaragua), organized by the Centro de Desarrollo Infantil Solidaridad from Camoapa and the Fundación Vínculos Estelí.
  • From 2014 to 2018, project "Write and illustrate a story for and with Nicaragua". With the participation of trainee students, volunteers, schools from Palacagüina (Nicaragua) and Arbúcies (Catalunya), Fundarpal (Arbúcies-Palacagüina Foundation) and Soarpal (Solidarity Arbúcies-Palacaguïna).
  • Since 2016, participation in the Cooperation Fairs of Horta-Guinardó (Barcelona), Festa Major d'Horta, Responsible Consumption Fair in Mas Guinardó . With associations from different neighbourhoods.
  • Since 2016, working together with the Ateneu de Fabricació Ciutat Meridiana to produce toys and learning materials.
  • From 2016 to 2018, Learning and Service project with IES Ferran Tallada in Barcelona's Carmel district: Nicalunya: Nicaragua i Catalunya, pobles germans. Conception of games and toys to get to know each other. With the support of Barcelona City Council.
  • Since 2016, internship agreements with La Industrial, Escola d'Art and with the Illa Escola d'Art i Disseny for the illustration of books for Nicaragua.
  • 2018, publication and presentation of Yasica y Yaguare, los orígenes de la ciudad de Matagalpa, first book of the collection "Un libro, un tesoro”. Initiative of the Fundación Vínculos Estelí done with the participation of the Illa Escola d'Art i Disseny, La Topera Editorial and Som Vínculos Estelí .
  • Since 2019, internship agreement with the Escola d'Art i Disseny Josep Serra i Abella to support interactive communication.
  • 2020, publication and presentation of the illustrated book Nicaragua, vos sos, from the collection " Un libro, un tesoro”. Idea and text by Fundación Vínculos Estelí . Done with the participation of La Industrial Escola d'Art, La Topera Editorial and Som Vínculos Estelí.

Do you want to collaborate with us?

Every direct or indirect participation in Vínculos Estelí projects is welcome. Explore different options,either in Catalunya or in Nicaragua.
If you want to suggest any initiative or contribution, please write to us in som@vinculosesteli.org
To become a partner of the association Som Vínculos Estelí

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