In accordance with Law (Spanish) 34/2002, of July 11, Services Information Society and Electronic Commerce (LSSICE or LSSI), Som Vínculos Estelí informs you of the purpose and services of this website and the legal issues that affect us. To you as users of and Som Vínculos Estelí owner and manager thereof.

Identification of the entity responsible for the website

  • Association Som Vínculos Estelí
  • Registered in the Register of Associations of the Generalitat de Catalunya with no. 51917
  • NIF: G66080151
  • Tax domicile in the city of Barcelona, Catalunya .
  • Intra-Community operator number: ESG66080151
  • web:
  • E-mail address

Web Functions

With this website Som Vínculos Estelí aims to contribute to disseminate its own activities and projects that are aimed at:

  • publicize the activities and projects of the Fundación Vínculos Estelí nicaragua,
  • search for means – human, economic and material – so that projects in Nicaragua can be developed,
  • opportunities to know and love traits of Nicaraguan reality,
  • disseminate conceptions and equitable practices in relations between peoples.

Services offered by the website

Som Vínculos Estelí carry out procedures, acts, activities and projects in order to fulfil the functions mentioned in the previous section. Activities with children, families and the general population; joint projects with schools or other cultural or educational organizations; internship agreements with vocational and university training centres; volunteer agreements; management of donations of games, toys, books, puppets, musical instruments, other materials or financial donations; production of games, toys or other materials for meaningful, constructive and functional learning; co-publishing of books by Nicaragua; sale of cultural products that have some connection with Nicaraguan culture or with the aim of facilitating gambling opportunities or learning and cultural practices for children and families in Nicaragua.

Users can open a personal account on the web. This allows them to speed up the realization of procedures with Som Vínculos Estelí and subscribe to the reception of Newsletters.

As for management, activities or projects that report some economic collection, they are currently as follows:

  • Partner/member fees. They are allocated to the Association's own expenses and to contribute in expenses of the projects and activities of the Fundación Vínculos Estelí nicaragua.
  • Specific economic donations. As a general rule, they are allocated directly to expenses of the projects and activities of the Fundación Vínculos Estelí nicaragua. In the event that it is necessary to use any fund for a one-off investment by the Som Vínculos Estelí –for example, the purchase of a photocopier or other hardware or the cost of printing a book– we would inform you on this website preserving the anonymity of the specific donor who, in turn, would be informed privately.
  • Benefits of selling books. They are intended for projects of the Fundación Vinculos Estelí in Nicaragua related to reading. In the event that other products were marketed in the future – for example, toys or other educational materials – the benefits would be allocated to the corresponding projects of the Fundación Vínculos Estelí in Nicaragua.

To carry out all this, generally, we collect data from users. Or we make photographic or video reports of your participation in our activities. In this particular, Som Vínculos Estelí undertakes to comply with the legal requirements governing the collection, processing and privacy of the information of users and customers of this website. See our Privacy Policy for more details.

For all that refers to the processes of online sales –management of orders, prices, payment systems, procedures and costs of delivery, cancellations, returns, invoices–, read our General Conditions of Sale.

The Association Som Vínculos Estelí has a commitment to the transparency of economic management, projects and transactions.

Commitments of users

When browsing this website, reading its contents or using its services, you become a user/user. This implies acceptance of the conditions and requirements detailed in this Legal Notice, the Privacy Policy and the General Conditions of Sale.

Any user agrees to use this website, its contents and services without contravening current legislation.

Therefore, as a user you commit to the following:

  • Use this website to make legally valid queries, comments and requests.
  • Avoid any discriminatory, fraudulent or false requests.
  • When it is necessary to provide the personal data –name, identity document, email address, postal address or others–, do it truthfully and correctly. Consent to its use for the functions and services offered by the website.
  • Properly safeguard the user/user name and password or any other access code, not transfer them to third parties and assume responsibility for their abuse.
  • Respect the ownership of the structure, design, way of presenting the elements –textual, audiovisual and graphic content, logotypes, chromatic combinations and any other element susceptible to protection– that make up this website.
  • Use "share" procedures to disseminate content of this website, so that the receiver receives such content from the same website and in the context where they have been published within this website.
  • Request explicit permission from the Association Som Vínculos Estelí if you wish to reproduce or distribute content on the website for educational, social or cultural use. Can you ask
  • Do not use the contents of this website for commercial or advertising purposes for the benefit of others or other companies.
  • Do not use the portal to upload commercial or advertising promotions
  • Not to take any action that may compromise or damage the image or rights of the Association Som Vínculos Estelí or third parties. This includes texts and images that, as already said, cannot be copied or downloaded without explicit permission.
  • Not carry out actions that may overload this web portal, hinder its operation or damage it, such as the introduction of codes, applications or other procedures/devices. The same regarding the elements that could interfere with the operation of portals of our suppliers.
  • Not to transmit, disseminate or make available to third parties information, data, content, messages, and in general any material that may be defamatory, injurious, threatening, xenophobic, incites violence, discrimination or in any way attacks fundamental rights, public freedoms, honor, privacy, the image of third parties, and in general, current regulations.

When making a request or purchase on this website, the user guarantees that they are of legal age and that they have the legal capacity to sign binding contracts.

Exclusion of guarantees and liability

The Association Som Vínculos Estelí is careful to take all necessary security measures. However, you cannot give guarantees or be held liable for any damages that may be caused by the following reasons:

  • Negligent, fraudulent, discriminatory or unlawful use by users. In other other order, contrary to the one set out in this Legal Notice.
  • Network failures, cuts in the supply of electricity, telephony or network services providers.
  • Faults that occur in the hosting service of the web or in the content management platform that we are using.
  • Interruption, operating failures, delays, errors, failures, poor reliability or other service deficiencies from other providers that we make available to users.
  • Illegal uses incurred by our suppliers.
  • Security holes that these third parties have that provide us with services.
  • Computer attacks that we may suffer ourselves or our suppliers.

Surely we are not important enough to happen, but in case you receive an email that makes you suspect that someone is impersonating Som Vínculos Estelí , first of all, ignore it. Then please let us know. This way we can investigate if it is a fraudulent communication and if it is necessary to put it in the hands of the competent authorities.

Som Vínculos Estelí will never send you an email or call you to ask for your access password to the portal, or let us know your credit card number, or other sensitive information. If someone contacts you to ask for this type of data, do not give them and make it known to you Som Vínculos Estelí to be able to see what is happening and if necessary put it in the hands of the competent authorities.


For any questions related to the topics covered in this Legal Notice, please contact this email address 

Possible changes to this legal notice

The Association Som Vínculos Estelí reserves the right to modify this legal notice to adapt it to new legislation.

If any modification occurs, we will announce it before putting it into practice.

Drafted on 27 January 2021

When buying a product, please bear in mind that post services at this time present restrictions or delays in package shipments to certain countries. If this happens with your order, we will notify you and try to find the best solution.