Yasica y Yaguare (in Spanish)

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Illustrated book about the legend of the origins of the city of Matagalpa (Nicaragua). Images and the development of facts can interest and please people of all ages. Those who have a fluency of reading comprehension will also enjoy the text. 

If you buy this book you help children from Nicaragua to enjoy another book, through the projects of the Fundación Vínculos Estelí. Thank you for making their dreams possible!

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Illustrated book on a legend of the oral tradition of matagalpes, settlers from the 1st century of the north-central part of today's Nicaragua. It is about the origins of the city of Matagalpa.

It explains the journey and experiences of Yasica i Yaguare while searching for the place that, as described by an old plea, was reserved for a singular couple to found a new village.

They overcome obstacles, they know territories, they participate in activities in the villages that are found along the way... Finally, they reach a quiet and beautiful place near a hill, the Apante. There they work tirelessly to establish three small villages: Maika Capul, Malagüina and Solingalpa.

Currently in the city of Matagalpa there are three neighborhoods that are called so. The matagalpins assure that it is undoubted that these neighborhoods have their origins in those villages founded then by Yasica i Yaguare.

For Nicaraguan people, it is an opportunity to enjoy a piece of their own culture and identity. For people in other regions, an approach to popular literature in this country.

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